The Poker K25 deck has been printed in a limited edition of 1000 decks only. The deck comprises a full 54 cards (suits and red and black jokers). Card dimensions are 63mm x 88mm (poker size). Cards are printed on 300gsm board and finished with UV varnish. Cards come supplied in a specially designed tuck box.


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I enjoyed creating the Bridge J7 deck so much that as soon as I'd finished it I was keen to have a second 'go' at another deck of conventional playing cards. That exercise had given me a much stronger appreciation of the appeal of ordinary cards - and had also made me aware of how few truly distinctive decks exist. There are hundreds (if not thousands!) of different playing card themes and styles, but very rarely had I come across any designs that I really liked.

I wanted to make this deck even simpler, even more stripped back, than the Bridge J7: while I'm very happy with the way that deck turned out, I felt that in some ways it ended up being quite close to some of my previous work in terms of atmosphere: although its design is quite basic, it still has a certain solemnity and restraint to it. For this deck, I decides to see if I could create something completely different - brighter, more playful, and more fun.

The deck is based on kaleidoscope patterns, and palette fo the four suits which follow the traditional associations of each of the seasons: Spring for Hearts, Summer for Clubs, Autumn for Diamonds, and Winter for Spades. The deck also includes a Red and Back Joker.

Neil Lovell