05 Mar

Over the years Neil designed cards, I often wondered why he had several projects on the go at any one time, they were never really connected in style or composition, if anything they tended to be almost polar opposites.

Having been working on the Calicut Lenormand for a while and constantly reviewing several of the cards as the feel or look isn't right, and don't get me started on the border design!  This idea of something so different now makes perfect sense, which brings me to the Nijinsky Tarot.

This deck began its life many years ago as an actual colage, with Neil physically cutting up magazines and glueing the images together, and as graphic design became more accessible these ideas eventually made their way into a digital format.

The deck as it is today started out in 1999 and over the next 2 years was slowly developed, incorporating Neil's love of history and tradition into each card. The only digital files that remain from these early designs are poor quality or slightly corrupted jpeg files, so while needing a break from other work I began to tidy these up.

No design changes have been made, but it seems that the surviving images may have at some point been printed and then scanned, as several of the darker image show faint print lines, so these have been removed and the black colouring brought back to life, as this had faded into grey on several of the images.

Which now brings the question, to print or not to print?

Being Neil's original work and never before put into print I'd be grateful for your thoughts and comments. A few of you may even have spoken to him about these cards and have information about them that I don't.

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