I place the highest importance on quality - in terms of ensuring that both (a) card designs are as good as I can possibly make them and (b) the physical production of my decks is executed to as high a standard as possible.

Designing a deck (particularly a Tarot deck) can be an extremely long process: I can easily spend as much time on developing design ideas which don't make it into the final version of the deck as on those designs which actually do. It takes a while for a deck's overall personality to take shape: it's only once a deck is nearing completion that it's generally possible to look at each individual card design in order to reassess how it fits into the overall concept. I often reject many completed designs at this late stage - and , given the level of work that's often gone into them, this can be a difficult and painful procedure!

Getting decks printed can also take some time, since it's impossible to know exactly how a deck will look and feel until it's actually made. Printing on home printers - even in the highest quality - won't produce quite the same results as professional printers deliver. Cards which looked fine at home can look too dark or too bleached, details visible on screen might not render as expected, and at a more general level cards which previously seemed to work sometimes simply don't 'feel right' within the physical, printed deck. There can, therefore, be substantial proofing and re-proofing at this stage - i can go through many, many proofs before signing off the final run.

I insist on the highest paper quality, finish, and cutting precision for my decks and have devoted great efforts to sourcing specialist suppliers who can deliver the exact specifications I want. I genuinely believe the this makes a difference to the final produce.

I want my customers to be satisfied fully with their cards, and personally check all decks as thoroughly as possible before dispatch. On the (very) rare occasions when a flawed or faulty deck slips through the net I'm of course always willing to offer replacement deck or full refund.

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