The deck has printed in a limited edition of 1000 copies. Card dimensions are 57.5mm x 89mm (standard bridge size). Cards are printed on 300gsm board and finished with UV varnish. Cards come supplied in a specially designed tuck box. The comprises 36 main cards, two alternative Man and Woman cards (included for readers who wish to carry out readings into same-sex relationships), a Joker, and a title card.


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Prior to this project, I had spent a long time working on a very serious deck, so was in the mood for creating something much simpler. Many of my decks have been heavily affected by card tradition and history, and I liked the challenge of abandoning that approach and instead presenting images in as simple and direct a way as possible. I also wanted to design a deck which was more colourful and spontaneous, less laboriously thought out, than most other Malpertuis decks.

As always, however, the deck has a slightly retro texture: I took inspiration from vintage posters and labels. As the deck progressed it began to take on a Japanese feel. Although this certainly hadn’t been intentional, this seemed to fit the overall atmosphere of the deck quite nicely - so in the spontaneous spirit which was the genesis for the deck I followed the idea, wherever it felt suitable.

The Light Lenormand is by far the simplest and most colourful I’ve designed. I also hope that it will be easy for readers to use. One occasional criticism of the more elaborate decks in my catalogue is that it sometimes takes users a while to familiarise themselves with the images - which admittedly can verge on the complex. With this deck, every card has been created with ease of reading in mind.

Neil Lovell