The Uncoloured deck comes in a limited edition of 250 copies. Card dimensions are 70mm x 120mm. Cards are printed on 350gsm art paper, and are finished with UV varnish and edged with dark gilt. The deck includes two alternative Man and Woman cards, and an additional Joker/Wildcard.


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I've always loved antique cards, so couldn't resist making my own imagined pastiche. The Lothrop Lenormand takes its inspiration from vintage prints and lithographs, and has been designed with a deliberately shabby, antique feel.

Initially, cards had a much more basic style - much like the earliest Lenormand decks from the Biedermeier period. But over time I felt that this style had produced a deck which lacked any real personality of its own. I therefore moved the style of the deck forward in time - the final deck's possibility now more Victorian in flavour than I'd originally imagined.

Overall, it incorporates more of a mixture of styles than I'd previously worked with.

That's made it a fun project.

Neil Lovell