Card dimensions are 63mm x 89mm. Cards are printed on 350gsm art paper, finished with a matte UV varnish, and edged with brass. Cards come supplied in a specially designed tuck box.


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Neil originally designed the Malpertuis Lenormand as a partner deck for the Tyldwick Tarot, although during the process he described their relationship as 'more cousins than siblings".

As the Tyldwick received a 2nd edition, all be it with a few minor changes to the packaging and edging of the deck, it retained the original art work and feel, so it seemed a logical progression to create a 2nd edition of the Malpertuis Lenormand. With the original artwork remaining the same, I hoped to be able to draw the two decks closer together by using the same edge colour, and making the back to the cards into a darker tone of the original, in a similar fashion to the new Tyldwick design.

Over the years since the decks original release I have had many enquiries as to the meaning of the '0'/squirrel card. Although many wonderful ideas were put forward, I'm sorry to say it is simply a 'joker' card, to help protect the main deck as it is replaced in box! The image however, has always been a favourite of mine, so this image has been moved to the back of the box, in the hope of easing any future confusion.

Joe Lovell