This edition is limited to 1000 copies. Card dimensions are 63mm x 89 mm - standard (poker) sized. They are printed on 350 gsm art paper with a UV varnish. The cards come packaged in a custom designed box and sleeve, following the matchbox theme.


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This deck was one of many project ideas that Neil was working on at the time of his death. Inspired by the design of many vintage Eastern European matchboxes he came across on his travels during his previous career.

These images are very simple, and this idea of a much less 'fussy' deck appealed to him after working on the Wizard Laird decks, with their dark and often complex imagery.

Neil's original intention for this deck was purely as a distraction from the other ideas he was developing, a little side note to relieve the stress of his more 'serious' decks, but after his death this became the perfect project for me to begin to understand his design process, and to be able to complete this deck is a huge personal accomplishment.

I hope to have done both Neil and the deck proud.