The Retroracle is an expanded adaptation of the traditional Lenormand deck - containing 52 cards. Card dimensions are 63mm x 88mm - poker card size. Cards are printed on 300gsm art paper with a glossy finish. The deck comes packaged in a hardboard box with removable lid. The deck also includes a Printed instruction booklet explaining the background to Lenormand, card meanings, and sample spreads.


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In my previous career, I was posted all over the world. Although I went as far as Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and South Africa, I spent most of my time in Eastern Europe.

Own these visits I developed a love for vintage Polish graphics - which you still see everywhere - on posters, matchbox covers, flyers. So I decided to make a fun, light Lenormand which takes its inspiration from this school of design.

Designing the deck was harder than I expected - simplicity can often be more difficult to get right than a more elaborate, layered style. I worked through many different versions of the deck, rejecting many card designs in the process, before finally arriving at a style that I was happy with. In particular, I experimented with various textures and treatments to achieve the specific atmosphere I was looking for. I didn't want these cards to look too sharp and crisp: rather, I wanted them to have a nostalgic, retro feel.

I hope that the final deck reflects this aim.

Neil Lovell