Limited to 2000 copies (as per the original) Card dimensions are 70x120mm Cards are printed on 350 gsm grade art paper, and finished with a matte UV coating on each side. All Cards are edged with a brass colouring. Cards come supplied in a specially designed box with lid.


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The story of the Tyldwick deck is a long one, and that theme continues with this 2nd edition.

After the phenomenal success of the original, there was a huge demand for a reprint. With Neil sadly gone, this decision caused many a sleepless night. The idea of spreading the love of this truly beautiful deck, was always up against his original idea for a limited print run, and as such would a second print go against his wishes?

After mush deliberation, I chose to take this opportunity to honour Neil with this deck. A few small changes to the packaging and edging to distinguish this edition from the original, but while maintaining the magic and mystery of the original card imagery. I hope that I managed to achieve this.